The secret to success is real-time order visibility


Improved consumer satisfaction and employee morale through fast, effective issue resolution and increased transparency to order details.

The importance of Order management lies in the orders tracking in detail with real-time Order status visibility during the entire fulfillment process and understanding how stock coming in and out.

Import easily all your orders from any sales channel like WooCommerce, Shopify, Walmart, eBay and Amazon and more! Get full visibility of all orders in one place.

From an Order management perspective, Orderadmin helps you to optimise fulfilment process, drastically reduce errors and operational costs, prevent loss from oversell, mis-shipping and returns by cause of mis-shipping.

Products reservations

Flexible management of products reservation in your warehouse. Orderadmin automatically reserves inventory for incoming orders to prevent accepting orders for already reserved or partly reserved stock. 

Track your Reserved orders by special order statuses through the Orderadmin platform, and be aware why it is slowing down.

What is the Partly reserved order?

Your customer ordered a pack of tea and a cup on your website. But you didn’t set the Low inventory alert and you’ve found that for the customer order there is no that pack of tea, you have only the cup, but last one.

Never cancel the customer order. Just set the order status as Partly reserved in your Orderadmin. The system will hold the cup in reserve and will prevent accepting orders for the reserved stock. Make quick replenishment for the missed item.

Never cancel orders due to out of stock

Orderadmin allows to save order as a “Partly reserved” and to make fast stock replenishment for “Out of stock” inventory from your supplier. You can inform the customer when they should expect to have their order.

Provide better customer service

Fulfill orders faster than your competitors even if you have more than one warehouse. Increase customers satisfaction and which will lead to an increase in sales.

  • Sell additional services (packaging, customization, and more).
  • Connect a phone calls Service.
  • Analyze a history of an order fulfilment with an accurate time tracking.


  • Get orders seamlessly from e-commerce platforms, point-of-sale software, and other sales channels, including marketplaces.
  • Make an order priority and set a shipment date.
  • Simply blocked the goods for sale and the system will prevent accepting orders for the blocked stock.

What else can you do with Orderadmin?

Allocate goods to orders automatically

Allocate goods to orders automatically or set your own rules to manage reserve goods strategy in your warehouse for any type of orders.

Multi-warehouse order management

Set goods status as reserved in several warehouses at once. Make orders shipping from several warehouses or transfer them to a one warehouse.

Track your orders in detail

Orderadmin gives real-time view of the entire order process and allows to know statuses of any order at any time from a single place.
Order management

Order editing

Edit any orders at any time if you need it. Add or delete goods, change priority, set a shipment date and more on the fly.