Take full control of orders fulfillment!

Manage your picking from one place. Create the picking queues, assign pickers to any queue or to a single order. Set your picking rules and change them on the fly.

Create queues

Set a queue settings.

The importance of Digital Pick&Pack lies in optimizing your order fulfillment processes. From a comprehensive Barcode Solution perspective, Orderadmin helps you to gain a competitive advantage, that it’s crucial to deliver on customer expectations for quick delivery and prompt return services. Arrange your warehouse with barcodes. Assign barcodes to bins on a shelf. Easily receive new inventory in the warehouse by scanning the barcode or assigning a new barcode. By scanning each product, you’ll know instantly if something is going wrong.

Get more benefits from the Orderadmin Digital Pick&Pack solution

Reduce the rate of returns. Increase shipping speed. Make your customers happy!
  • Shortest warehouse route.
  • Visual check with product image.
  • No cross orders for picking.
  • Stock transfer.
  • Updates with real-time data about goods location and goods availability.
  • No more wrong color, wrong size, wrong quantity, wrong goods.
  • Reduces picking errors.
  • Eliminate the spreadsheet. Go paperless.
  • Count your stock fast and accurately.
  • No need to train staff.

Customers want delivery options that best suit their needs

Offering fast and moderate shipping options allow consumers to choose based on their budget and time constraints.

Send your orders with multiple shipping carriers using our ready-to-use integrations. With Orderadmin you are always getting the best shipping label to provide better customer service. You can choose the shipping rate manual or setting the rules. Or allow your customer to choose how they want that their orders will be shipped, and what shipping rate is the best for them. Use our Shipping calculator in Orderadmin or display it on your web store.

If you want to gain a competitive advantage, then it’s crucial to deliver on customer expectations for quick delivery and prompt return services.

Ready-to-use integration

Orderadmin is directly integrated with shipping carriers. Connect your shipping carrier in one click and use your own rates. Or use the Orderadmin delivery management feature to work with your own carriers.

Better shipping rates

Calculate the shipping margin and charges for customers. Print the cheapest labels. Or allow your customers to choose the carrier Service and rates by setting the Orderadmin Shipping Calculator directly on your online Store.

Shipment tracking

Pack an order. Immediately receive a shipping label. Get the tracking number back to the e-commerce platform and automatically send it to your customer.

Keep returns easy

Allow your customer to request a return through the Orderadmin Return portal. Receive returns, mark the reason, update stock fast and accurately, without your customer involvement. Send notifications automatically.

Cash on delivery control

Control, report and analyze cash-on-delivery with Orderadmin financial feature. Get 360-View of orders payments with date and amount. Upload shipping carrier financial reports and assign each payment to the orders.

Shipping statuses and filters

Filter your shipments by one or many parameters to go fast. Lots of shipping statuses will make it easy to understand what’s going on with the Orders.

Get ready high volumes of orders for shipping out through a single platform!

What else Orderadmin can do to ship more?
  • Order tracking.
  • Notifications of any type.
  • Order history tracking.
  • Customize labels.
  • Paperless returns.
  • Prioritize orders.
  • Automatically labels printing.
  • Confirm order accuracy.