FBA, FBM, and Arbitrage processes are covered

  • Effortless User Management: Seamless integration with Amazon.
  • Unlimited FBA Shipments: Create limitless FBA shipments with ease.
  • User-Friendly Shipment Creation: Minimizing splits.
  • Multi-SKU Box Support: Handle various SKUs in one box effortlessly.
  • On-Demand Label Printing: Print FNSKU labels whenever needed.
  • Distributing products into boxes: Duplicate boxes with similar items. Move products.
  • Private labels: Upload and print private labels.
  • Shipping Compatibility: LTL, HUZMAT
  • Reports: Create detailed reports for quick issue resolution.

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Use 2D barcodes

2D barcodes are a useful tool for successful FBA sellers. They simplify the communication of data to Amazon, eliminating the need for manual tracking and inputting of box content details. By encoding this information into a 2D barcode, Amazon can quickly scan and process your shipment, ensuring efficient handling of your inventory.

Avoid the receiving

You can immediately ship products, avoiding the need for receiving and the time-consuming allocation to shelves. Additionally, with Orderadmin, you can implement either a flat rate or flexible billing to charge your customers.