$43 million in shipped orders

In 2021 Orderadmin processed the e-commerce supplies for more than $43 million.

$1,7 million orders shipped

Through Orderadmin was shipped over $1,7 million orders.

$2,9 million for carriers

In 2021 we made a profit of $2,9 million for shipping carriers integrated with Orderadmin.

22 warehouses of the 3PLs

In 2021 we helped 22 warehouses of the 3PL’s to run business efficiently.

Smart technology for your inventory, no matter what business you’re in.


3PL Fulfillments

FBA Preps

Inventory management and shipping cloud software of new generation

Stay updated anytime, anywhere!


  1. Sing up for Orderadmin and start your Free trial for 14 days.
  2. Connect your Sales Platform and carriers.
  3. Import (or create) products.
  4. Stick labels on storage locations and allocate products – get inventory visibility.
  5. Pick and Pack your orders.
  6. Print shipping Labels for your orders to ship out!

Cut errors and costs

  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets and papers.
  • Independent double check in every step for correct picked and packed items.
  • Take full control on your staff with Individual logins and exclude cross orders.
  • Guided pick routes reduce picking time.

Attract new clients

  • Orderadmin’s 3PL Customer portal is the key.
  • Customer portals make your 3PL more attractive, beneficial and simple.  
  • Intuitively easy interface makes your customers work with you with no stress.
  • Manage multiple clients with control.

Amazing client support team will support you

  • 24/7 support service via tickets.
  • Live chat through the Orderadmin platform.
  • Qualified team of professionals will lead you during onboarding time.
  • Get advice how to arrange your warehouse.
  • You are not on your own!

Manage your FBA and FBM

  • Get orders from your customers through a Customer portal.
  • FBA: Get full prep instructions (by API) for each order through Orderadmin, create PO, receive returns from Amazon.
  • Expand a capacity of your Amazon Prep Center.
  • Ship FBM Orders easy.

We take care of all details


  • Stock receiving and Purchase orders.
  • Create directly or upload products to Orderadmin.
  • Global statuses for products (Active/ Inactive/Blocked).
  • A lot of particular items statuses (Booked, Shipped, On-hand, etc.).
  • Stock tracking in real time.
  • Kitting.
  • Bundling upfront and during the packing.
  • Reports and logs.

Inbound/ Outbound Orders

  • Real-time an order status visibility.
  • Allocate goods to orders automatically.

  • Never cancel order due to out of stock.
  • Provide better customer service.
  • Sell additional services (packaging, customization, and more).
  • Get orders seamlessly from e-commerce platforms, point-of-sale software, and other sales channels, including marketplaces.


  • Paperless mobile picking (any devices, Android and IOS).
  • Shortest warehouse route.
  • Packing with Amazon prep instructions.
  • Options for Picking from Packing workstation (for small warehouses).
  • No thinking and making decisions for your staff.
  • No more wrong color, wrong size, wrong quantity, wrong goods.
  • No cross orders.
  • Picking in waves and picking order by order.


Order Admin is directly integrated with shipping carriers. Send your orders with multiple shipping carriers using our ready-to-use integrations. With Orderadmin you are always getting the best shipping label to provide better customer service.


Fast proceed with an order exchange or return or party return for your customer. Use pre-printed labels with your own rules. Inspects orders for damage and validates any customer feedback. Restock, replace the product or issue a refund with never even have to get involved your fulfilment client.

Reports, logs, and 3PL Billing

Sales and Inventory reports. Warehouse inventory changelogs. Employee’s performance reports. Replenishment reports and much more.

The flexibility of Orderadmin is beyond imagination!

Modern intuitive interface

Beyond the wide functionality also we have small cool features:

  • Shortcuts and pins – you don’t nee to write or remember documents and numbers.
  • Notifications for new orders and POs.
  • Dark mode for the main interface and for the terminal interface.
  • Fast create for main documents and Customer portal.
  • Easy adding products to a PO or an order.
  • Easy allocation received items to the storage locations through the interface (without terminal) – very convenient for small warehouses.
  • Internal live chat between Warehouse and Customer portals and for particular POs.

How to start?

  • Just sing up for 14 days Free Trial regardless of your business type.
  • Go to Risk-Free software. Orderadmin offer money-back guarantee in first 30 day of using the Platform.

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