Print shipping labels and keep up with inventory


for Online Brands


for Fulfillment providers


for Amazon sellers

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for Prep centres

Cover (but not limited) all classic processes

Classic Order fulfillment

Parcel forwarding

Amazon Prep

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Solution Highlights

  • Cloud SAAS
  • Inventory traction
  • Automated processes
  • Shipping labels
  • Rate calculator
  • Detailed 3PL Billing
  • Address storage
  • Customer portals


Amazing customer support

  • 24/7 support service via tickets.
  • Live chat through the Orderadmin platform.
  • A dedicated manager is possible (additional fee).
  • You work with the engineering-skilled support team.
  • On-site setup is possible too (additional fee).
  • Logistics experts are available.
  • We are in the United States 🇺🇸, DE, and NY.



  • Shopify
  • Amazon FBA&FBM (Latest SP-API)
  • Shipstation
  • Walmart
  • Stripe
  • USPS
  • Woo Commerce
  • Etsy and more.


Benefits for Head of warehouse

  • Easy handling staff turnover
  • Reduces requirements for staff qualifications
  • Labor management
  • Pre-assing tasks
  • Full control of employee activity in warehouse
  • Personal logins and timing for workers
  • Flexible management of processes throughout the day

Enough waste of
  • time
  • money
  • opportunities

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One App to combine them all

  • Picking software
  • Inventory management
  • Packing list app
  • Shipments app
  • Carton forwarding
  • Returns management
  • Storage
  • 3PL Billing
  • Reports
  • Employee control
  • Shipping labels app
  • Prep instructions
  • Shipping plans

We take care of all details

Inventory management

  • Receiving
  • Inventory
  • Inventory sync with marketplaces
  • Stock tracking
  • Bundling
  • Reports

Orders and Removals

  • Never cancel the order due to out-of-stock

  • Add additional services to orders

  • Get orders seamlessly from e-commerce platforms, point-of-sale software, and other sales channels, including marketplaces


  • Paperless mobile picking (any devices, Android and IOS)
  • Shortest warehouse route
  • No thinking and making decisions for your staff
  • No cross orders
  • Filters for orders for picking


Shipping label printing.

Amazon Prep software

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