Inventory management

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Inventory management with easy-to-use system

An inventory control is the cornerstone of warehouse management

Inventory 360-visibility in real-time

Experience unparalleled control and efficiency with our cutting-edge Inventory 360-Visibility solution. Designed for real-time insight, our system offers a comprehensive, panoramic view of your inventory across all locations and channels.

Overview of expected inventory from your clients

Streamline your operations with a precise overview of expected inventory from your clients. Our advanced system allows you to effortlessly track incoming stock, providing clear visibility into expected delivery times and quantities. By integrating client orders with your inventory management, you can better prepare for incoming shipments, optimize your storage, and prevent overstock or stockouts.

Cycle count

Ensure the accuracy of your inventory with our efficient Orderadmibn cycle count feature. This dynamic tool allows you to conduct regular, systematic counts of your inventory without disrupting daily operations. By dividing your inventory into manageable segments and scheduling counts throughout the year, you can identify discrepancies, prevent shrinkage, and maintain optimal stock levels. Our intuitive system provides real-time updates and detailed reports, helping you to swiftly reconcile any variances.

Multi-warehouse allocation

Optimize your supply chain with our advanced Multi-Warehouse Allocation system. Seamlessly manage inventory across multiple locations, ensuring the right products are in the right place at the right time.

Product quality control

Ensure the highest standards with our enhanced product quality control system, featuring comprehensive visual checks and damage documentation. Orderadmin allows for meticulous inspection of each item, identifying any defects or inconsistencies before they reach your customers. When damage is detected, easily capture and attach photos directly to the product record for thorough documentation and analysis. This visual evidence helps streamline communication with suppliers, improve quality control processes, and ensure accountability. Real-time reporting and analytics offer deep insights into quality trends, enabling you to proactively address issues and maintain superior product standards. With our advanced visual check and photo documentation capabilities, you can confidently deliver flawless products and uphold your brand’s reputation for excellence.


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