Inventory management - this is where you start

Simple-to-use Inventory management service, regardless of how many e-commerce stores and suppliers, warehouses and channels you have.

  • Orderadmin will help to arrange your warehouse with barcodes. 
  • Do you store your inventory in different warehouses? Use the Multi warehouse feature and make the same steps for organizing each of your warehouses.
  • Receive your inventory by scanning or assigning SKUs or importing directly from your selling channels into Orderadmin Platform and assign warehouse locations for the received inventory.
  • Storage, stock tracking, overstocked, overselling, or out of stock – take full control of your inventory.
  • Synchronize inventory stock lists across online stores and marketplaces.
  • You can do inventory transfers through one or between several warehouses with easy steps and whenever you want.
  • Real-time visibility of inventory and your employee activity through reports.

Get you products automatically with the ready-to-use ecommerce integrations. Or create them manually.

Switch on/off the Dark mode of the interface at any time!

Set your rules

Store your stock with Static and Dynamic slotting options

If you want to:

  • Increase picking productivity.
  • Optimize spaces in your warehouse.
  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Improve storage efficiency.

If you are going to have a high proportion of picks for a specific item, you may use the option of “Dynamic slotting” to create a new temporary slot right by the picking, sorting, or shipping area rather than sending the picker to the Static slot and have a loss of lead time.

Prevent overselling, save time and maintain excellent customer reviews

Disorganized shelf labels or just a messy warehouse, in general, leads to miss-picks and miss-shipping.

The importance of inventory management lies in understanding what stock you have on hand, where it is located in your warehouse, and how it’s coming in and out. From an Inventory management perspective, Orderadmin helps you to organize the warehouse, optimize the fulfillment process, reduce errors and operational costs, prevent loss from overselling, spoilage, miss-shipping and returns by cause of miss-shipping.

Multi channel Inventory sync

Marketplace integrations

Sync inventory, orders and shipments with 7 marketplaces like eBay (worldwide), Amazon (worldwide), Walmart.

Cell and expiration date

You don’t want to end up with something obsolete that you can’t sell! Assign lots while receiving goods, set an expiration date and avoid spoilage. Manage FEFO and FIFO rules. Make sure the old product stays at the front!


Product variants

If your product has options, you can create product variations for it. Create and manage a set of options, such as multiple sizes, shapes, colors, materials and more. Set a SKU, price, and a different image for each variation. Track inventory with unique SKUs for each set of options to prevent overselling.

Low inventory alerts

Never out of stock! Full real-time inventory visibility in all your warehouses. Control the inventory and set low inventory alerts to remind you when to reorder and replenish your inventory.


Excel Upload

Upload a new inventory data or changes in bulk from an Excel spreadsheet to the Platform, using downloadable templates.

Returns management

Inspects a returned order for damage and restock it fast and easy.


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