Take full control of orders fulfillment!

Manage your picking from one place. Create the picking queues, assign pickers to any queue or to a single order. Set your picking rules and change them on the fly.

Create queues

Set a queue settings.

The importance of Digital Pick&Pack lies in optimizing your order fulfillment processes. From a comprehensive Barcode Solution perspective, Orderadmin helps you to gain a competitive advantage, that it’s crucial to deliver on customer expectations for quick delivery and prompt return services. Arrange your warehouse with barcodes. Assign barcodes to bins on a shelf. Easily receive new inventory in the warehouse by scanning the barcode or assigning a new barcode. By scanning each product, you’ll know instantly if something is going wrong.

Get more benefits from the Orderadmin Digital Pick&Pack solution

Reduce the rate of returns. Increase shipping speed. Make your customers happy!
  • Shortest warehouse route.
  • Visual check with product image.
  • No cross orders for picking.
  • Stock transfer.
  • Updates with real-time data about goods location and goods availability.
  • No more wrong color, wrong size, wrong quantity, wrong goods.
  • Reduces picking errors.
  • Eliminate the spreadsheet. Go paperless.
  • Count your stock fast and accurately.
  • No need to train staff.