Where to go for help

Please, visit the Orderadmin Ticket Portal: Click here.

How to reach the Orderadmin support

  • You can e-mail the support team via support@orderadmin.eu
  • You can also reach Orderadmin support via the in-app support form by clicking the «Help» button in the bottom right corner of your Orderadmin account.


We are not providing support by phone.


Working hours

Worldwide, Monday to Friday: 9 am – 5 pm UTC+3

Critical issues

Support is available on weekends for critical issues.

Onboarding with an Orderadmin expert

Onboarding typically takes 1-2 weeks from start to finish. You will be assigned an onboarding specialist who will work to understand your goals and with an Onboarding checklist of tasks and actions to help through the onboarding process. We will work together on a checklist to complete setup, training and get you live with Orderadmin. We will start by organizing inventories and locations for it. We will help to choose hardware, and set up your store, to connect Channels as the shipping carriers, marketplaces.

The Orderadmin platform is designed to be extensible and customizable.

As well, you can hire an Orderadmin expert to get professional help with your warehouse arranging, choosing the best way to setup a workflow, fulfillment operations and shipping. You can contact an expert using the contact form.


You CAN DO the Orderadmin Platform Setup on your own!

Orderadmin is an intuitively easy solution and does not require a lot of understanding and training  to use it.


But, if you need help to organize products in your warehouse, optimize the system and team on Orderadmin, then you can hire an Orderadmin expert.

Expert is a part of the Orderadmin team who helps starting out with the platform. The expert can help you with many elements of running your business, including the following:

  • General guidance
  • Warehouse setup
  • Workflow organise 
  • Channel setup
  • Integrations
  • Customisation
  • Development and troubleshooting

Hire an Orderadmin expert

The more information you provide, the better our initial response will be.


After an Orderadmin expert contact you, you can discuss your budget, timeline with them.




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Please, visit the Orderadmin Ticket Portal: Click here.