Monthly release notes, December, #45

Featured Update of the Month

Introducing the ‘‘Item Modification’’ and ‘‘Item Relocation’’ features – a quicker and more efficient way to adjust item quantities and transfer them to different storage locations simultaneously with just a few clicks. Plus, you can now track the movement history of items across various locations.

Inbound Updates:

  • Purchase Orders (PO) now have ‘Draft’ and ‘Cancel’ statuses.
  • ‘Shipping cost’ field has been added to inbound PO.
  • Product status has been incorporated into PO.
  • Products from different shops but of the same type will now be grouped as offers in expected items. These will appear in a pop-up window, displaying both the total quantity and individual quantities for each product.

Billing Accounts Updates:

  • Invoices must now be confirmed before linking with ‘Stripe’.
  • A warning message will now appear when creating a second Invoice.

Inventory Documents / Revision Updates:

  • You can now link undefined items to offers.

Labelling Updates:

  • Items can now be returned and their barcodes replaced with FNSKU barcodes, if available, when marked as ‘‘not shipped’’ items.
  • The ‘‘Mark as not shipped’’ feature now includes a “replace barcode” checkbox to replace with FNSKU barcode.

Other Changes and Minor Code Corrections:

  • The ‘‘expected items page’’ has been updated with Excel view and icon view.
  • A new ‘warehouse’ type has been added to the Services rate modifier.
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