Weekly release notes, September, #40

Featured Update of the Month

All new Revision feature: We have completed the revision process and implemented the necessary changes like: creating a document file and revision with a set queue and filters.



  • Featured Update of the week Introducing the new Labelling: a more convenient and feature-rich service for your needs.

Updates on Labelling:

  • Now you can view and edit the item quantity in the box.
  • Added a button to “Mark as not shipped” in labelling.
  • Added a button to check the shipping status of the items.

Updates in Purchase order (PO):

  • Added a button in PO to check the storage location of the items allocated.

Sofia, Bulgaria – Orderadmin, a leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Order Management System (OMS) is proud to announce its third-party app launch on Amazon Selling Partner Appstore. Orderadmin is the first WMS made in Bulgaria to join the Amazon Appstore and simplify the warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment processes for e-commerce businesses globally. Orderadmin is now optimized for fulfillment centers and sellers preparing Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) shipments for Amazon, fulfillment centers and sellers shipping out Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) orders, and vendors shipping from their warehouse facilities. Orderadmin is a comprehensive system that provides innovative technology solutions to a commonly labor-intensive industry. The platform is dedicated to providing cloud-based SaaS e-commerce solutions, including everything from inventory management to picking, packing, and delivery via mobile apps and desktops. With Orderadmin, you can arrange your warehouse with barcodes, use the multi-warehouse feature to manage and transfer inventory between different warehouses, and have real-time visibility of inventory and employee activity through reports. Receive your inventory by scanning, assigning SKUs, or importing directly from your selling channels into the Orderadmin platform and assign warehouse locations. Orderadmin will help you take full control of your inventory, including storage, stock tracking, overstocked, overselling, or out of stock. You can also synchronize inventory stock lists across online stores and marketplaces, and perform inventory transfers through one or between several warehouses with easy steps and in real-time. “We are thrilled to bring our innovative WMS and OMS app to Selling Partner Appstore and simplify the fulfillment process for e-commerce businesses globally,” said Max Gasumyants, CEO of Orderadmin. “Our mission is to bring the latest technology to the e-commerce industry and help businesses grow and streamline their operations.” Our VP of Product, Anastasia Isaeva, highlighted the significant effort it took to successfully adopt Amazon processes to the workflows of a classic warehouse and integrate them into Orderadmin. “The platform is designed to help businesses grow, automate their fulfillment operations, and run their own warehouses with ease,” said Anastasia. Orderadmin helps users receive and store inventory, track stock levels, and synchronize inventory stock lists across online stores and marketplaces. For more information about Orderadmin, please visit https://www.oawms.com. About Orderadmin Orderadmin is an all-in-one Warehouse Management System (WMS) and an Order Management System (OMS) that simplifies the warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment processes. It is dedicated to providing cloud-based SaaS e-commerce solutions and has everything from inventory management to picking, packing, and delivery via mobile apps and desktops. Orderadmin is available for subscription at $99 per user seat, charged monthly. The platform app is supported in USD and available in the following markets: [CN], [AU], [BE, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, PL, SE, TR], [IN], [US, CA, MX], [BR]. About Amazon Selling Partner Appstore Amazon Selling Partner Appstore is a one-stop shop where sellers can discover Amazon-approved quality applications to help them automate, manage, and grow their businesses. The Appstore features a wide range of solutions, from pricing optimization and inventory management to marketing tools and payment services, that enable sellers to streamline their operations and improve their customer experience. Amazon vet all software partners and continuously monitor their performance to ensure high-quality apps are in the Selling Partner Appstore.
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