Weekly release notes, October, #43

Hello everyone, We’ve been working hard to bring you some exciting new updates. This month’s new features:

Featured Update of the Month: Enhanced Pallet Management in Labelling

This update introduces a new feature that allows for comprehensive pallet management. You can now move items from pallets, add additional items, and apply services to pallets.

Recent Updates:

  • To streamline your workflow, clicking on a storage location will now open the corresponding page in a new tab.

Revision Updates:

  • To eliminate any potential confusion, the warehouse name will now be displayed when you access the revision queue.
  • We’ve introduced section filters in the revision options, allowing you to filter by room or section.

Labelling Updates:

  • We’ve integrated an ‘LTL/FTL’ rate feature. This enhancement allows you to move items between pallets, apply labels, and more.
  • Additional minor adjustments have been made to improve your overall experience.

New Section: ‘Outbound’:

  • This section provides a user-friendly table format view of all reserved and shipped items for all orders.

Additional Updates:

  • Product import functionality has been improved. You can now search by customer ID and integration ID.
  • The menu has undergone minor changes for increased convenience.
  • A new order type, ‘Disposal’, has been added. This can be utilized when you need to remove expired stock or any other stock from the warehouse.
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