How to cut costs if you provide fulfilment services?

Orderadmin fully automates all fulfilment processes. 

Orderadmin software

So that  the staff has no options to make wrong actions and should not think about what to do and how to do.

Because all processes are protocoled for order fulfilment and lead the warehouse workers step by step and intuitively easy.

This means the qualification requirements for the staff working in warehouse can be low for work with software.

Quantity of warehouse workers can be reduced too.

And along with that the error rate also become low or can be absent at all during the order fulfilment process.

As a result you save time and money!

Cutting your warehouse labor costs can improve the organization’s overall efficiency and increase earnings. The key is to devise ways that produce an impressive return on investment in addition to reducing staff.

The key metrics on which you should focus for your operation to reach the maximum rate of success:

Order Accuracy % – Error-Free Orders vs Total Orders Shipped.

Orders per Hour – Orders Picked&Packed vs Total Warehouse Labor Hours.

Items per hour – Items Picked&Packed vs Total Warehouse Labor Hours, and more others.

Using Orderadmin you can run reports and use dashboards for easy visualisation and have access to drill down details of the key performance indicator data.

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