Brick-and-Mortar Stores as Warehouses

Priority of order assembling

Brick-and-mortar locations typically provide a greater opportunity for stores to make a sale.

Once we’ve faced with the customers needs to treat the Brick-and-mortar store like part of their warehouse. 

A retail, for example, a music shop has single warehouse, but multi-store inventory, let’s say two shops. And in this case the inventory management is a headache and really takes a lot of time.

Managing inventory across multiple warehouses is a challenge, especially when you are dealing with high inventory turnover. As well as quick management of products transfers between two stores and warehouses.

But, the good news is with the help of the Order Admin WMS to keep track of inventory transfers across locations in real-time is not a problem anymore!

The access to inventory data from multiple warehouses in a single ease-to-use interface of the Order Admin WMS helps to keep a good store-level visibility without spreadsheets, with no thinking, all in real time.

And moreover, you will be able to use your brick-and-mortar stores as warehouses and enable omni channel capabilities such as ship from store, use terminals for fast check out in-store, buy online and pick up in-store, return in-store.

The most useful feature of Order Admin WMS, in case of Brick-and-Mortar Stores as Warehouses, is the Priority order assembling – fast track to check out the purchase order on an in-store cash desk.

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