If you don’t offer anything, be transparent about shipping costs up front!


Increase your conversion

  • Remove currency icons. It can reduce the willingness to spend money. The numbers in a price are fine, but somehow the banknotes are worth eliminating.
  • If you offer free shipping on certain cart thresholds, let shoppers know at the start. And if you don’t offer anything, be transparent about shipping costs up front.
  • Shoppers are more likely to try products or make repeat purchases if the business offers free shipping.
  • Left digit effect. This pricing strategy is ubiquitous: items sell for, say, $ 8.99 instead of $ 9. Regardless of how trivial this trick is, people have a left-handed perception, and when reading any digital combination, even a three-digit one, they perceive the left first. So the $ 8.99 price looks like less than $ 9, although the difference is not significant.
  • Limit the number of purchases per customer. Limiting the number of items, an acquisition that can acquire a frightening signal for him. The answer to the deficit is to increase savings, also increase the average check.
  • If the data above intrigues you, put it to the test! If you manage an online retail business, employ a simple A/B test on offers with one being a discount and one being free shipping. Let the results speak for themselves.


The fact that some  respondents state that they expect to receive the item for free does not mean that this option should always be!


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Big players of e-commerce for instance Gap and Altheta  do alternative things: $50 get free shipping, requiring shoppers to meet a shipping threshold. But, customer have possibility returns on all orders by prepaid shipping labels.

As we can see alternatives aren’t a bad thing. The statistics shows that 30% of shoppers say they are likely to increase their order size to meet shipping thresholds.


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