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  • Unlimited SKU and Orders
  • Easily generate, calculate shipping costs, and streamline boxing operations, saving time and reducing errors.
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Highlights at a Glance

Efficient Fulfillment Features for Streamlined Operations

Simple-to-use Inventory management service, regardless of how many e-commerce stores and suppliers, warehouses and channels you have.

→ Ready-to-use Integrations with eCommerce platforms.

→ Seamless Shipping via ShipStation, USPS, FedEx Easily connect your Orderadmin account with ShipStation to streamline your shipping process.

→ Intelligent Shipment Prioritization: prioritize shipments based on inventory availability and customer demand, ensuring efficient order processing and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Orderadmin Packing and Labelling station

Scan and print! Add boxes, calculate rates before shipping!