Software for Amazon prep

Orderadmin + Amazon FBA and FBM.

Deloitte and Amazon have reviewed our company (processes, equipment and security) for compliance with the requirements for working with personal data.

  • As a Software for Amazon prep we proud to provide FBA and FBM.
  • Unlimited Customer portals for your clients – no spreadsheets, all data in real time.
  • Amazon Seller Central Integration
  • In & Out-bound Shipments
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Automated import of orders from Seller Central.
  • Automated Identification of product during Receiving.
  • Allocation for temporary address storage of received products.
  • Amazon Shipping plans.
  • Rates calculator for Amazon.
  • Amazon Prep instructions on packing station.
  • Receiving of Amazon returns by LPN.

Let us take care of your Amazon Prep Software so you don't waste your time and focus on growing your business!

Our unique solution provide you with resource and cost savings so you can focus on your core business, sales, marketing, and business development.

Orderadmin will help you to determine optimal inventory placement across your growing fulfilment provider to improve shipping speeds and reduce shipping costs and shipping errors.

Prep & Pack

Amazon has packaging and prep requirements for products being shipped and stored in FBA Centers. Properly packaging and preparing units helps to reduce delays in shipping your Prep center’s customers products. Orderadmin has ALL-IN-ONE unique solution that save time and ensuring that shipped products will not be rejected.

U.S. Inspection and China Inspection

Help your customers to provide better service. Make sure that arrived products meets your customer’s standards. During the U.S. or China inspection communicate with your customer through the Orderadmin customer portal. Block by default received products for sale until your customer checked the purchase order and give you the green light to ship out his products.


You can ship out immediately from or storage products of your customers in your special Amazon section without time consuming allocation to selfs. Also with Orderadmin it’s possible to have a flat rate or flexible billing to charge your customers.

Orderadmin is fully customizable to avoid breaking your existing business processes!

And at the same time the processes of Orderadmin are consistent. Your warehouse employees don’t need to remember the software workflow or take decisions about each order.

Packing, instructions and labelling

  • FNSKU Labeling or other labels lttaching
  • Bundling of the fly, pre-bundling, kitting
  • Multipack
  • Poly Bagging, Fragile/Bubble Wrapping possible both: by Amazon or by your customer Requirements
  • FBA Removals

Customer billing

  • Boxes and Packing Materials charges
  • Additional Services charges
  • Container, Pallets, Storage charges